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Polarized mitochondria as guardians of NK cell fitness

Laura Surace , Jean-Marc Doisne , Pedro Escoll , Solenne Marie , Valerie Dardalhon , et al.
Blood Advances, 2021, 5 (1), pp.26-38. ⟨10.1182/bloodadvances.2020003458⟩
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Optimal biological dose: a systematic review in cancer phase I clinical trials

J Fraisse , D Dinart , D Tosi , C Bellera , C Mollevi
BMC Cancer, 2021, 21 (1), pp.60. ⟨10.1186/s12885-021-07782-z⟩
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De nouvelles techniques pour dévoiler le rôle des cellules gliales du cerveau

Anne-Laure Hemonnot-Girard , Lucile Ben Haim , Carole Escartin , Hélène Hirbec
Médecine/Sciences, 2021, 37 (1), pp.59-67. ⟨10.1051/medsci/2020253⟩
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Understanding 3D genome organization by multidisciplinary methods

Ivana Jerković , Giacomo Cavalli
Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology, 2021, ⟨10.1038/s41580-021-00362-w⟩
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Impact of systematic early tuberculosis detection using Xpert MTB/RIF Ultra in children with severe pneumonia in high tuberculosis burden countries (TB-Speed pneumonia): a stepped wedge cluster randomized trial

Aurelia Vessiere , Helene Font , Delphine Gabillard , Laurence Adonis-Koffi , Laurence Borand , et al.
BMC Pediatrics, 2021, 21 (1), pp.136. ⟨10.1186/s12887-021-02576-5⟩
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Lung Cancer in France

Jean-Louis Pujol , Pascal-Alexandre Thomas , Philippe Giraud , Marc Denis , Brigitte Tretarre , et al.
Journal of Thoracic Oncology, 2021, 16 (1), pp.21-29. ⟨10.1016/j.jtho.2020.09.012⟩
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Pheochromocytoma in a patient presenting with ventricular fibrillation and carotid dissection: a case report

Nicolas Lanot , Jérôme Adda , François Roubille , Mariama Akodad
European Heart Journal. Case Reports, 2021, 5 (2), ⟨10.1093/ehjcr/ytab012⟩
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A Novel Approach to the Facile Growth and Organization of Photothermal Prussian Blue Nanocrystals on Different Surfaces

Giang Ngo , Gautier Félix , Christophe Dorandeu , Jean-Marie Devoisselle , Luca Costa , et al.
Nanomaterials, 2021, 11 (7), pp.1749. ⟨10.3390/nano11071749⟩
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An international survey on aminoglycoside practices in critically ill patients: the AMINO III study

Claire Roger , Benjamin Louart , Loubna Elotmani , Greg Barton , Leslie Escobar , et al.
Annals of Intensive Care, 2021, 11 (1), pp.49. ⟨10.1186/s13613-021-00834-4⟩
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Developmental Consequences of Defective ATG7-Mediated Autophagy in Humans

Jack Collier , Claire Guissart , Monika Oláhová , Souphatta Sasorith , Florence Piron-Prunier , et al.
New England Journal of Medicine, 2021, 384 (25), pp.2406-2417. ⟨10.1056/NEJMoa1915722⟩
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Pharmacologic Approach to Sinoatrial Node Dysfunction

Pietro Mesirca , Vadim Fedorov , Thomas Hund , Angelo Torrente , Isabelle Bidaud , et al.
Annual Review of Pharmacology and Toxicology, 2021, 61, pp.757-778. ⟨10.1146/annurev-pharmtox-031120-115815⟩
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Differentiating between active and latent tuberculosis with chest computed tomography

Sébastien Bommart , Jérémy Charriot , Nicolas Nagot , Hélène Vernhet-Kovacsik , Marie Revel , et al.
Diagnostic and Interventional Imaging, In press, ⟨10.1016/j.diii.2021.05.011⟩
Journal articles hal-03274653v1
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Comparative mapping of selected structural determinants on the extracellular domains of cholinesterase-like cell-adhesion molecules.

Davide Comoletti , Laura Trobiani , Arnaud Chatonnet , Yves Bourne , P. Marchot
Neuropharmacology, 2021, 184, pp.108381. ⟨10.1016/j.neuropharm.2020.108381⟩
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Clinically significant medication errors in surgical units detected by clinical pharmacist: a real‐life study

Pierre Renaudin , Annabelle Coste , Yohan Audurier , Julie Berbis , François Canovas , et al.
Basic and Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology, 2021, ⟨10.1111/bcpt.13658⟩
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Long term results of liver transplantation for alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency

Olivier Guillaud , Emmanuel Jacquemin , Eduardo Couchonnal , Claire Vanlemmens , Claire Francoz , et al.
Digestive and Liver Disease, 2021, 53 (5), pp.606-611. ⟨10.1016/j.dld.2020.10.016⟩
Journal articles hal-03270191v1
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The impact of space and time on the functional output of the nucleus

Marcelo Nollmann , Isma Bennabi , Markus Götz , Thomas Gregor
Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology, 2021, pp.a040378. ⟨10.1101/cshperspect.a040378⟩
Journal articles hal-03432715v1
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Dynamic Interplay between Lower-Grade Glioma Instability and Brain Metaplasticity: Proposal of an Original Model to Guide the Therapeutic Strategy

Hugues Duffau
Cancers, 2021, 13 (19), pp.4759. ⟨10.3390/cancers13194759⟩
Journal articles hal-03394517v1
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Neural Connectivity: How to Reinforce the Bidirectional Synapse Between Basic Neuroscience and Routine Neurosurgical Practice?

Hugues Duffau
Frontiers in Neurology, 2021, 12 (705135), ⟨10.3389/fneur.2021.705135⟩
Journal articles hal-03320547v1
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Molecular mechanisms of axo-axonic innervation

Fabrice Ango , Nicholas Biron Gallo , Linda van Aelst
Current Opinion in Neurobiology, 2021, 69, pp.105-112. ⟨10.1016/j.conb.2021.03.002⟩
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Association of Variants in the SPTLC1 Gene With Juvenile Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

Janel Johnson , Ruth Chia , Danny Miller , Rachel Li , Ravindran Kumaran , et al.
JAMA neurology, 2021, 78 (10), pp.1236. ⟨10.1001/jamaneurol.2021.2598⟩
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Study of Thoracic CT in COVID-19: The STOIC Project

Marie-Pierre Revel , Samia Boussouar , Constance de Margerie-Mellon , Inès Saab , Thibaut Lapotre , et al.
Radiology, In press, pp.210384. ⟨10.1148/radiol.2021210384⟩
Journal articles hal-03274665v1
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L’hyperproduction de mucus est-elle un endotype des bronchopathies chroniques ?

Jérémy Charriot
Pneumologie et système respiratoire. Université Montpellier, 2021. Français. ⟨NNT : 2021MONTT047⟩
Theses tel-03629883v1
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Ensifer aridi LMR001T Symbiosis and Tolerance to Stress Do Not Require the Alternative Sigma Factor RpoE2

Meryem Belfquih , Ilham Sakrouhi , Hassan Ait-Benhassou , Emeric Dubois , Dany Severac , et al.
Agronomy, 2021, 11 (9), ⟨10.3390/agronomy11091787⟩
Journal articles hal-03443021v1
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BMI and pneumonia outcomes in critically ill COVID‐19 patients: an international multicenter study

Mikael Chetboun , Violeta Raverdy , Julien Labreuche , Arthur Simonnet , Florent Wallet , et al.
Obesity, 2021, 29 (9), pp.1477-1486. ⟨10.1002/oby.23223⟩
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Describing, analysing and understanding the effects of the introduction of HIV self-testing in West Africa through the ATLAS programme in Côte d’Ivoire, Mali and Senegal

Nicolas Rouveau , Odette Ky-Zerbo , Sokhna Boye , Arlette Simo Fotso , Marc d’Elbée , et al.
BMC Public Health, 2021, 21 (1), pp.181. ⟨10.1186/s12889-021-10212-1⟩
Journal articles inserm-03218269v1
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Mortalité due à la Covid-19 : les comparaisons internationales ont-elles un sens ?

France Meslé , Magali Barbieri , Florian Bonnet , Carlo Giovanni Camarda , Emmanuelle Cambois , et al.
Webinaires "L’apport des démographes à la compréhension de la pandémie", Association internationale des démographes de langue française (AIDELF), AIDELF, May 2021, Campus Condorcet, Aubervilliers (Visioconférence), France. 19 diapos
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Neddylation inhibition ameliorates steatosis in NAFLD by boosting hepatic fatty acid oxidation via the DEPTOR-mTOR axis

Marina Serrano-Maciá , Jorge Simón , Maria González-Rellan , Mikel Azkargorta , Naroa Goikoetxea-Usandizaga , et al.
Molecular metabolism, 2021, 53, pp.101275. ⟨10.1016/j.molmet.2021.101275⟩
Journal articles hal-03346300v1
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Lack of evidence for condensin or cohesin sequestration on lipid droplets with packing defects

Anaïs Mura , María Moriel-Carretero
microPublication Biology, 2021, ⟨10.17912/micropub.biology.000497⟩
Journal articles hal-03418553v1
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International Union of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology. CXI. Pharmacology, Signaling, and Physiology of Metabotropic Glutamate Receptors

Karen J Gregory , Cyril Goudet
Pharmacological Reviews, 2021, 73 (1), pp.521-569. ⟨10.1124/pr.119.019133⟩
Journal articles hal-03099669v1
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Left ventricle function assessment using gated first-pass 18F-FDG PET: Validation against equilibrium radionuclide angiography

Fayçal Ben Bouallègue , Laurent Maïmoun , Florentin Kucharczak , Pierre Le Fur , Fabien Vauchot , et al.
Journal of Nuclear Cardiology, 2021, 28 (2), pp.594-603. ⟨10.1007/s12350-019-01731-x⟩
Journal articles hal-02119749v1